Georgia Voter ID Law-Is it Racism or is it just Politics as Usual?

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S. Lindsey
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The Opponents of the Voter ID law seem to think black Americans just can’t vote without help.

The arguments against the Law are based solely on the "disfranchisement" theory.

These arguments are based primarily on the theory that Minorities somehow are incapable of getting a simple ID. I find this argument to be not only factious but also racist in its intent.

First let’s examine just who these “disenfranchised” people are.

These are people who have no Drivers License. No Social Security Number and no Birth Certificate. They have no bank accounts, no home and no utilities. They receive no Government checks nor do they have a job.

Did I miss anything?

So who matches this description? Well, no one. That is except the Homeless and Illegal Aliens. You see this is less about disenfranchised minorities and more about voter fraud. A tactic found arguably primarily under the banner of Democrats. See Acorn and “The Chicago Way” style of politics.
No this is about being able to bus in Homeless for a bottle of wine to vote for whom they are told. This is about getting the vote from the shadow community of Hispanics. This is more about stealing the vote then making sure someone gets to vote. In today’s society EVERYONE had some form of ID, at least any number of items that is required by Georgia. Some of the brightest and most intelligent people I know are those of color.

To say that somehow being black means that you just can’t make it without the Governments help is both insulting and I believe just a little bigoted.

Joe Kawfi
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The voting dead are understated

The voting dead are understated

Pew has discovered that 1.8 million dead Americans are registered to vote. Perhaps worse, 2.75 million Americans are enrolled in two states each, while 68,725 are signed up in three. Indeed, Pew found, "24 million -- one of every eight -- active voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate."