The Ultimate Devastating Price of Government Dependency

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Great Article -

The Ultimate Devastating Price of Government Dependency

This tragic scenario sponsored by mostly Democrats has been playing out in the black community for at least fifty years.

A black man in the Oval Office affords the Democrats a unique opportunity. They can scream racism whenever anyone disagrees with or opposes any of Obama's policies. Thus, his presidency is a golden opportunity to spread their destruction of the black family nationally, to all Americans.

For example: under Obama, a record number of Americans receive food stamps. Another Democrat tactic to increase the number of Americans dependent on government and voting Democrat is to keep extending unemployment benefits -- the timeframe is now up to 92 weeks, or almost two years. What incentive is there for the unemployed to aggressively pursue a job when they know they can sit on their butts and receive a check for two years? Rather than encouraging Obama to reduce ridiculously costly regulations on small business, which would create jobs, Democrats and their media partners are pressuring the Republicans to join them in further extending unemployment benefits.

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