Will the GOP find its champion?

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So, here we are; day three of the sexual harassment controversy that the current GOP front runner can't seem to give a consistent account or recollection of. The reactions of conservative pundits over the allegations have amazed me.

They have revived images of lynchings: The hanging of black men from trees in the south. They have claimed it is all an attack on conservative blacks by the liberal media.
Was John Edwards given a pass? Was the now resigned Anthony Weiner given a pass? Was President Clinton given a pass? No, no, and no. Any man or woman running for president who can't remember being accused of harassment, but then remembers; who can't remember a payout, but then remembers; who can't remember his behavior or the women's claims, but then remembers that the "anonymous accuser" was "about my wife's height" is going to be grilled. And rightly so.

But what is as disturbing as Cain's recollection to me are the actual "passes" Herman has received. He received a pass when he went from pro choice to pro life in one day. He received a pass when he went from 999 which he could not explain to 909 which he has not explained. He received a Uzbeki beki beki stan atan pass. He has received a "so-called Palestinians" pass. He has received a "China is seeking nuclear technology" pass. Why?

He will surely fade. As the flash in the pan Rick Perry faded; as Michelle Bachmann faded. I have to ask, if President Obama is so bad, why are none of your strong candidates running against him? Surely Paul Ryan could easily dispatch such an unpopular President. Certainly Jebb Bush and Chris Christie do not fear running against him, do they?

If President Obama is so wrong, and so dangerous for our country and so over his head and so out of touch with the American people, why the cast of characters on the Republican stage? Can you not do better than Newt and Mitt and Ron?

My theory is President Obama's policies are not, as Newt says, from a "left wing radical" President. My feeling is President Obama is a center left politician who, in cases of foreign and national policy which were not subject to republican filibustering, has been quite successful. He has provided opportunities to eulogize terrorist leaders and despots. He has struck at Somali pirates. He is fulfilling his promise to end the Iraq war (which is what made me a single-issue voter). My guess is stronger GOP candidates will not step into the ring until the current President hangs up his gloves, because they know they don't have a superior message, at this point.

Have at you!

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Rick Perry implodes with his drunken speech

Perry is no longer a serious candidate. He was either drunk or high as a kite Friday when he gave his speech in New Hampshire. Hello. .. Earth to the candidate’s staff… don’t let your guy give a televised speech when he’s fried out of his mind:

Perry's Cornerstone Speech Highlights

Wow! As soon as the Cain story dies the press will get back to Perry on this one. The right will blame the liberals for smearing Perry and slam the slanted left wing media for its biased reporting technique of broadcasting Perry’s speech verbatim.

The leaker in the Cain story will eventually be revealed. My bet is the Perry campaign. Talk of it being a liberal attack on Perry is just fantasy. Why should the Ds care about Cain? The chances of the GOP nominating him are zero. Besides, he’d be the easiest candidate to beat.

The whole GOP campaign now is just a tempest in a Teapot. It’s going to be Mitt. The Teas and their radio talk show barkers are in denial but with Perry’s drunken appearance taking him out of the race and Cain being un-nominatable, it’s over already.

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So that's why

people answer their own forum blogs. Otherwise it will just languish in the ether of cyberspace until cold and forgotten. I'm sure Herman wishes his campaign financing through the use of a non-profit organization scandal would do the same. Didn't he say "Let Block be Block?" If he had researched Block's past, he would have KNOWN that this is what Block does. Vetting, on all levels, is very important. Herman should have known.

update: Just saw Cain's first meeting with the press today.

"Excuse me! EXCUUSSSEEE MEEE!!!"

This is gettin good >:-). But why does Herman want us to "defend our enemies?" The pressure is getting to this guy.

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All I Have To Say About

your comment Kev is, you are right! Now, how about them Dawgs! Gonna win with no tailbacks?!

Write in Mike King against Jorge Dienhart!

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After watching the debate last night, you're right on - and certainly not alone in cyberspace. It will be interesting to see if Huntsmans' strategy by skipping this debate and concentrating on New Hampshire pays off.

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