Lawmakers open to changes in military benefits

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Recent MSNBC headline: “Lawmakers open to changes in military benefits”.

“Republicans and Democrats alike are signaling a willingness — unheard of at the height of two post-Sept. 11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — to make military retirees pay more for coverage.”

As a side note:
The U.S. spends more on military expenditures, $698,105,000,000 than the next 19 countries, $683,960,470,000.
Google, “List of countries by military expenditures”.

Between you and me I’m not actually worried about a U.S. invasion coming from Italy. I’m pretty sure the state of Georgia alone could repel such an effort.

Questions to all:
Is the U.S. military spending too much, just right or not enough of its budget on veterans, their families and dependents via guaranteed health benefits?

Do the people that volunteer to fight and die to protect the rest of us have a right to lifetime medical benefits?

For you non-military tax payers, that’s me:
Are you willing to accept additional taxation or some other reduced military expenditure in order to continue paying for lifetime medical benefits for both active and retired U.S. military personnel?

You should tell your elected representatives’ how you feel.