The Debate

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How many of you were able to see/hear it? Who impressed you?

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I watched the debate DM

Nobody impressed me. I was expecting Perry to come out swinging but he was the Invisible Man except when he was making weird faces when he didn't think the cameras were on him. Apparently now it's Cain's turn to be the great tea party hope for fifteen minutes. His 999 plan is just another Republican plan to shift taxes to the poor and middle class while providing another windfall for the wealthy. It will never stand up to the scrutiny that it will now get. I hope they nominate him. He'll be easy to beat. The truth is that none of the candidates acceptable to the tea party would stand a chance against Obama.

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G'Day Locke and D to the M

I've watched the debates each time, including a post mortem scan of FOX, MSNBC, and CNN for recaps. I've become a Morning Joe watcher as the Republican former-legislator has more diverse opinions represented than Fox.

I've drawn some interesting conclusions over the last few weeks.

1) Romney still has no spine. He says, in the face of the "Mormonism is a cult" controversy, that there is no room in America for religious bigotry. He THEN said "vote for me or Herman Cain." Yes, the same Herman Cain who would not appoint a Muslim American to the bench. Mitt will say anything, do anything, reverse any opinion he has ever had if he thought it would win him the Presidency.

2) Herman Cain does not have the depth required to win the GOP nomination. If he had thought and prepared deeply, he would have been ready to defend his 999 plan. When asked who developed your plan, you don't answer, "I'm not at liberty to say." You want to be our President. Now is the time to pull the veil back. It turns out his economist is not even an economist. He used an Ohio Accountant..... to make sweeping economic reform... seriously, that's what he did. The man is Rich Lowrie. Although Herman Cain said explicitly that Mr. Lowrie is an economist, Mr. Lowrie, who has a Bachelors in Accounting, said "I do not consider myself an economist." Here are the qotes from The Washington Post interview.

"During Tuesday’s Washington Post-Bloomberg debate, Herman Cain, the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, named Rich Lowrie of Cleveland as “my lead economist” who helped develop Cain’s signature “999” plan for overhauling the federal tax system. “He is an economist, and he has worked in the business of wealth creation most of his career,” Cain said.

Actually, according to Lowrie’s Linked-In profile, he has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Case Western Reserve University, not economics. Lowrie, in an email, said he did not consider himself an economist, just “senior economic advisor” to the Cain campaign."

The conservative Freedomworks organization disected Cain's value added tax (VAT)which is present in many highly taxed European countries.

All of this is to say that Herman Cain is about to do a Bachmann. His Perry is right around the corner. He has not done his homework, and will not hold up to the spotlight which has been shined upon him.

That leaves the Republican party stuck in their uncomfortable marriage with the somewhat spine-free Mitt Romney, who many of them feel is a member of a cult religion. Any trip to a Christian bookstore will be revealing. Books on Mormonism are often found in the occult section. That's where I found reference material on Mormonism when some Catholic friends of ours decided to convert.
None of this means he can't beat President Obama in a head to head competition. But the flip floppery DOES mean that no one really knows what policies the new President will choose to persue once situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. To Romney care, or not to Romneycare. that is the question.

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Cain won't last Kevin

Cain's 999 plan would be a massive shift of taxes from the rich to the middle class. Reagan's senior advisor Bruce Bartlett eviscerated the plan and this is just the beginning:

Inside the Cain Tax Plan

The best so far is Eric Erickson at Red State: "Herman Cain proved himself a bit of an unstable number two. He is starting to get the tough questions on his 999 plan and his responses sound like they were crafted in the land of unicorns and rainbows."

The Bloomberg-Washington Post Debate

The tea party hijacked the Republican party and now is desperately floundering trying to find someone, anyone, who can pass their ideological purity tests. First it was Trump and the birthers. When he turned out to be a joke they turned to Bachmann who crashed and burned when Perry got in. Perry turned out to be such a disaster that his 15 minutes only lasted about 10. Now they've turned to Cain and Cain is a great debater because of his talk show training. His problem is that he can't hang up on caller now when they point out how ridiculous his plan is. He won't last long. Polls showing him leading the race just shows how weak the Republican field is.

What's funny is that the tea party radicals are so surprised that their candidates are perceived as nuts when the spotlight shines on them. Well, duh.

On to the Las Vegas debate!

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