Fox-Google Debate

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Gov. Johnson was a little faltering and his answer on flights to Cuba was weird. He had a list of topics he wanted to address and took whatever question was thrown to him to list them. So, he's a newby and it's an intense forum where he knew he wasn't the star and he tried to get his message out. Can't blame him for that. However, his quip that his next door neighbor's two dogs had created more shovel ready jobs than the Obama administration was hands down the best line of the night.

Santorum is a total wuss. Google sponsors the forum and he didn't publically call them out for his Google problem?

Whatever Bachmann's answer was on education, all I could think about was that her zillions of kids all were home schooled and think that the Revolutionary War started in New Hampshire. Plus, Bachmann's answer on the HPV vaccine was a pure bald-faced lie about what she had said and Perry finally had a good answer.

Romney destroyed Perry on immigration and in-state tuition for college for illegal immigrants, Perry saying you don't have a heart if you don't educate illegal children was absurdly misplaced. These are people who cheer when the number of Texas executions is mentioned and who applaud for the idea of someone dying because they don't have insurance.

Romney said that it was unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons and they didn't ask him if he was going to start a war with Iran?

Perry thinks we haven't built a relation with Pakistan? He and Santorum have no idea what's going on but foreign policy is not a vote decider.

Huntsman on foreign policy was very good. It was shocking that the didn't ask him a foreign policy question since he is the only candidate at all with foreign policy experience. He's the dark-horse candidate and his New Hampshire organization is top notch.

Perry obviously had a preplanned attack on Mitt; that Romney was for the Second Amendment before he was against it, for Roe vs. Wade before he was against it, for Obamacare before he was against it, but he blew it in the stumbling presentation and Romney slayed him in response.

Cain was consistently good. Every comment and response was reasonably considered and thoughtfully and intelligently presented.

Perry's performance was second rate. Bachmann is fading as fast as the Tea Party's influence in the campaign. None of the rest of the minors have traction unless Huntsman pulls a miracle in New Hampshire.

Romney won.