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The residents in FC have reportedly an unemployment percent below the national average. That is to be celebrated - yet there are too many foreclosures and closing of businesses to garner joy in FC. Race relations in FC are much better than in some parts of our country. That is to be celebrated. Fayetteville was just recognized as one of the 10 best cities for retirees in the country. That is to be celebrated. There are black residents in Fayetteville - some whose families have been here for many, many yearsl. Most new residential developments/neighborhoods in Fayetteville are integrated. Many churches in Fayetteville are integrated. Business owners include black/white/and other races in Fayettevile. There are Black Republicans in Fayetteville/Fayette County that you have maligned by your broad generalizations regarding the CBC AND black people in general. You are no better than what you accuse Waters of doing. She has given a broad brush to the Tea Party. You have done the same with black citizens.

I watched a brother shoot a white guy for being white.
I watched blacks beating whites and white beating blacks. Don't give me that crap about it was not racial DM you don't know what you are talking about. I was there was you?


How can you live here in Georgia in 2011 and still not celebrate the progress that has been made in this country, county, state.

I looked for some positivity in my ‘black’ brother/sister’s comments (oou) – but found none. {AGH’s comments had me assuming oou was a gentleman until someone else intimated that ‘he’ was a ‘sister’. In 2005 I stated that I believed that anyone my age down to 50 had racist tendencies if raised in these United States. I have not experienced anything in my lifetime to change that perception of Americans. My hope is what I see in the younger generation and what I have experienced here in Georgia. Racism is not only an ‘attribute’ of the south. The ‘new South’ is truly an attribute to the American goal of liberty and justice for all. I understand when my friends tell me that it is dangerous to get too far off the main roads – but that can be said for California also. I know that ‘history’ is taught a little differently in various parts of the country – but while touring the historical Civil War sites this year – it has been educational to see the inclusion of all races that participated in this ‘war’. So Suggarfoot and oou – I salute you, acknowledge you, and will remember that there are people like you who have great fear of discussing race. It is not an easy subject to discuss without seeing the reaction of the people in the group. I am not a ‘southerner’ – and had great trepidation of coming to live in the south since my experiences here as a young person were most unpleasant. After seven years – I can say that I love it here and will not return to live in California – and understand why so many ‘blacks’ are returning home to their roots. I salute those blacks and whites that fought for the civil rights of all southern citizens. Fayette County exemplifies that all Americans can live peacefully under the law.
Don’t let any rhetoric from the extremists’ spoil what has been accomplished here. If a black wants to run in Fayette County – be they Republican or Democrat – those under 53 will listen to their platform and make the decision to vote for them – or not. The ‘ole boys’ club in this area is not exactly credible to many voters – regardless of ‘color’. Blacks who have a desire to participate in politics are not likely to come to Fayette County soon, . . but, both blacks and whites are laying the groundwork.

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