President to help Economy-Create Jobs and Re-New America

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Some leaks from the upcoming speech:
The President intends to re-new America by investing in our Infrastructure. A move that is past due. We can get people back to work by building bridges and
roads. Businesses will be working closely with the President to maintain wages and expand investments and start hiring.
A new call will be going out: “the coordination of business and governmental agencies in concerted action,” together to stimulate the economy.
A new in flux of cash from the Fed is needed a new stimulus as it where to help get this engine turning. Government also needs to
"forgive" the debt of the banks to ease the logjam of credit to help businesses expand. Public works need to expand to help create the infrastructure of the future.
Prices may need to be managed to inflation will not run rampant and our farmers need to get back to farming. Assistance to those farmers will be necessary for
new farm lands and new developments.
One of the things Government intends to do is to control Commodity speculation. The wild rises and plunges of the market must be controlled.
Government must make sure businesses that are too big to fail that would hurt the economy if they do fail must be propped up and assisted.
Government will need to control Oil Production to make sure we conserve our resources.

Oh did I mention all of the above was from Herbert Hoover and how he and Roosevelt made the depression WORSE.

Note how many things have already been done in the name of saving the economy. It will be interesting to see how many more of the failed policies of the past will get
"RENEWED" during the Presidents Speech.

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Check, Check and yes Check

Government "infrastructure" spending-Check

Government and Business "working" together-Check

Farm Subsidies-Check

Government bailout to bushiness too "Big" to fail-Check

Government controlling Oil Production-Check

Now we are just waiting for "The Fed" for a new QE3 and Market control then we will have all the elements to make this depression great.