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I am not a pet person, yet I do not wish to be cruel to animals. This morning I find apparently a mother and kittens must be living under my porch. I do not want to call animal control as first option, but these littles ones have got to go. Any suggestions? Is there any sort of animal lover, free rescue service? Or anyone who would like some kittens?

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Call animal control, or pay for all the vetting and see if a rescue group will take them.

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call a vet's office

I'd try calling a few vets in town and see if they will take them in and put them up for adoption. Just make sure they will not send them to animal control for euthanasia.

Or, call Not sure if they are a no-kill center.

Thanks for caring!

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If you can take a few pics of them and post them online at one of those sites, you'll probably find homes pretty quickly.

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Stray animals or "pitched" out ones

No one around here is about to pay any taxes for the treatment of animals!

No vets office will start that either for free.

There are three stray or abandoned cats in my area right now. People turn them out at night generally---hoping they won't come back!

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