Green Ginger, my new favorite PTC restaurant

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Green Ginger is by far my new favorite PTC restaurant, - went there last night for the first time - they exceeded my expectations in all areas.

Decor: simply beautiful - upscale, clean, modern Asian influenced design - nothing in PTC that I'm aware of comes close.

Food: menu has basic entrees such as shrimp fried rice for the less adventurous, Thai and Chinese fusion style fare, Udon, and Sushi, and more - all beautifully presented. Each table has an iPad that shows pictures of the entrees, and the presentation of our food was just like the pictures. The Seafood Udon was fantastic, the special sushi roll was on the large size and perfectly made.

Service: our server was excellent - knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. The manager stopped by to make sure we were happy, and in general the staff did a great job at greeting us on the way in and thanking us on the way out. The food was delivered in faster than average time, which surprised me considering the house was almost full and the staff is new.

Cost: The prices are less than I expected for the quality delivered. Check your mail as Valpack has a 30% off total bill (less bar) coupon.

Cons: this is more of a municipal one: near impossible to reach by golf cart - the location is near Chilis & Taco Mac.