Riots in the UK the product of Universal Stimulus and "free" education.

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Have you seen the riots?

Did you see the rioters and hear the interviews?

Let's get the Rich guy was the main mantra sound familiar?

UK's biggest problem is they have flirted with Socialism for far to long. They have given the masses "free" stuff for so long that they have
developed an entitlement class that now expects big brother to take care of them and when the money well dries up what happens. They riot. They steal
from those that have. Again sound familiar?

Their educational systems are rife with radical Socialist that have preached social justice and fomented this unrest actually using their classrooms to incite the riots. British
political correctness forbids them to stop these acts so the results have been and are very predictable.

We should learn from the events in the UK. The sad part is, we will not. We have a Political class in this Country that is determined to turn us into Europe
to shove Social Justice down our throats. No matter the evidence of it's cancer is easily seen they still push us towards the cliff.

Events are cascading out of control. Fort up folks it's going to be a rough ride.

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