Wisconsin Recall Results

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You would figure the media TV and Internet would be all over the 6 GOPers that are in a recall battle today, but you'd be wrong. All the media furor is now suddenly real quiet. With as much money from outside of Wisconsin that was pumped in to either side, one might even think it was kind of a referendum on the big Repub union reforms(union busting as some would say) and the Dems' pathetic fleeing of the state to try, and whether 2010 elections were just a total fluke.

Polls closed to 2 hours ago amidst what appears to be a record turnout.. Dems need 3 seats to take back the Senate. 2 races look already like big GOP blowouts, meaning Dems need 3 of the remaining 4 to go their way.

The other downer news for Dems is Gov. Walker just signed the redistricting bill today which will put a real dmaper on Dems' chances in 2012 too.

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Uhh is there a story here

Well not so the Media would have noticed.

Strange how all of a sudden Wisconsin is now no longer news. The fact that Unions and Special Interest groups SPENT TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars to throw this "recall" election there way they are still losing.

Forget them buses rolling in with "voters" for the Democrats. Nothing to see here move along folks move along.