The SEIU NLRB Serial Job Killer

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The SEIU NLRB Serial Job Killer

After the defeat of card check at the legislative ballot box, the former SEIU goon is acting creatively in order to implement portions of card check unilaterally. What would one expect from a guy appointed to his position despite his nomination being rejected by the Senate?

Obama then made a recess appointment of Becker to the NLRB, the presidential equivalent of Enron accounting for political appointees.

Trumka says "jump!", Obama says "how high, sir?". The Unions have Obama and his minions in their back pocket. They are not interested in helping the average American or in job creation, they are only interested in keeping union donations coming in for the democrap party. After all, the top White House auto bailout chief has aready admitted that the administration works for the Unions.

Now we have that prepuce Schumer holding a gun to the airlines head, demanding that they refund baggage fees if the bag doesn't make the flight. Just another politician telling corporations how to run their business. (Because we all know that government does everything well) Just like the Obama administration telling Boeing that they can't build a plant in NC.

Democrats aren't interested in helping America grow into a prosperous country. They are only interested in power, making America a socialist state and creating slaves to government.

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