Do you really believe Congress will quit or even slow down their spending....Really?

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Ronaldo Maximus Reagan by all measure a great President. He knew America like no other. His insight and forethought was surpassed by few, if any.
He did have one flaw. He believed in the system.
He agreed to tax increases, as long as, Congress cut spending and shockingly they did not. So Reagan get's blamed not only for raising the debt, he also gets
pilloried for raising taxes.

Now fast forward to George H.W.Bush. Once again we saw a compromise of principles and a promise made, broken. H.W. Bush promised no new taxes, Congress
agreed to cut taxes if he would allow a "small" tax increase. Again Congress failed to live up to their part of the bargain and again another President pilloried for breaking
a promise.

So now fast forward one more time to today. Once again Conservatives are being asked to compromise and again Congress PROMISES to cut spending if only
they will allow a "small" tax increase.

What in history proves that they will or even can stop their feeding frenzy at the pig trough?

Soak the Rich is now the mantra of the left. Punish those that have prospered. After all they just won life's lottery. Not that they worked hard and took advantage of what America
offered. Nope just lucky so take it all.
The Rich already pay the lion share of the taxes but unfortunately we have raised a generation of entitlement minded "poor" that believe they deserve something for nothing. They
exist so here they come with their hand out wanting more never accepting what was taken from others to give to them and the politicians that cater to them. We do the "poor" no favors
by giving a substance only existence. They learn no skills they have no incentives. They just exist. Another slave class. This time economic slaves.

The reality of the situation is taxes are going to have to be raised. That is if we want to make sure our children have some future in America. BUT not until Congress can pass a balanced budget amendment and show us that they can reign in their spending and make it permanent.
Until then the debt ceiling should not be raised.
America will not default. That is simply hyperbole and scare tactics from the left. The President can simply choose to pay America's debt. Should he chose not to and continue with his spending programs then that will be his doing no one else.
Should President Obama decide to raise the ceiling on his own an impeachment hearing should be called for immediately. The 14th Amendment is very clear. The President does not have the authority to do so. That resides only with Congress.
So it is fairly clear what the President options are. Work with the Republicans. Let them set up front for a change or face a Constitutional crisis should he believe he has the power to go around Congress.

I fear the President might just consider that option; he does have a penchant for ignoring Congressional authority for his own purpose.

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USPS, Unions and the "Guv"

Lets see, the United States Postal Service:
-Employs 653,000 people
-Labor costs are 80% of its total expenses
(By comparison, private competitors such as UPS and FedEx are 53% or less)
-Will be unable to make a $5.5 billion retiree health care payment this month
-Will run out of money to pay workers and other expenses early next year.

And just think, the Postmaster General has to approach Congress
to effectively nullify a contract prohibition on layoffs in order cut some 120,000 workers.

Oh, the president of the American Postal Workers Union, the largest postal union based on current employees, said that such a change would be “outrageous, illegal and despicable.”

I wonder how this situation will develop.

Oh, I guess those evil tea party activists will be blamed for this.

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I do believe Congress mandated that USPS "pay forward" on future retirement benefits--and it has plagued the USPS for several years. Doesn't mean they don't mis-manage personnel and resources, only that the mandate was a huge unplanned drain on their cash flow.

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The problem Gym...

regardless of the pay forward thingy, is their business model is not in-touch with current world reality and thus is no longer viable. Obama's plan to forgive the upcoming $5.5B payment will only delay the inevitable demise.