Is there a coming Economic collapse in our future?

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The short answer is…Yes.

Now the shape of that collapse and what comes after is the real question. Most economists are pessimistic about our future. Consumers, that’s you and I, decided last month to save our money. That’s both good and bad. Good that people decided the economic future is not as rosy as the Government would have us believe. Bad, because we have pigeonholed ourselves into a consumer nation and without consumerism the economy stutters and slows. A viscous circle.

Many things can happen that would prevent the coming collapse. One our Politicians can decide that getting re-elected must take a backseat to fixing our deficit. They could start an austerity program that would make Greece look like a minor setback. Of course like Greece the Entitlement class would be on the streets burning businesses and rioting a la Rodney King.
Another thing would be the populace standing up to the politicians forcing them to cut spending. Already just the mere mentioning or putting forth a so called plan causes apoplectic seizures in the Progressive left. Most Progressives, I think, believe that we can just keep spending ourselves into prosperity. When has that ever happened? Where in any history can you find that event? You can’t because it has never happened.

Neither the politician nor the Citizenry has the stomach for the type of cuts needed to keep the collapse from happening. So yes it is going to be a reality soon. Maybe this year or next, but it is most assuredly going to occur. So what to do?
Well you can go to for some great suggestions.

Get a kit, make a plan, and be informed.

Those of us on the Right have been telling you this for years. We were called wingnuts, conspiracy nuts and much more. Now the Government has decided that it might be a good idea to get ready should an event occur. You know a Terrorist attack, the fall of Society, you know that sort of thing. I suggest you listen to your Government and get ready. They know what’s coming.