Costs of War

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In the last 10 years to date: 225,000 killed (conservative estimate) , $3.2 to $4 trillion (3200 to 4000 Billion USD)
552,515 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans' disability claims filed, as of 9/30/10
From Reuters:
"The final bill will run at least $3.7 trillion and could reach as high as $4.4 trillion, according to the research project "Costs of War" by Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies."
"Was it worth it? That is a question many people want answered, said Catherine Lutz, head of the anthropology department at Brown and co-director of the study.
"We decided we needed to do this kind of rigorous assessment of what it cost to make those choices to go to war," she said. "Politicians, we assumed, were not going to do that kind of assessment."