The Rich Liberal Left to buy elections. Soros spends Millions to buy Judges and Secretaries of State

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Websters dictionary defines power as: Ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent; the faculty of doing or performing something; capacity for action or performance; capability of producing an effect, whether physical or moral: potency; might; as, a man of great power; the power of capillary attraction; money gives power.

It's been said that Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe this to be true. Why do men seek it so? The Power to command others to do as they see fit. I guess some see it as a way to make the World a better place, but whose World? I like mine just fine thank you. Some want Power for the ego satisfying contentment that they can not get elsewhere, hence the inability for many men in power to keep their pants zipped.

No matter how much Power/Wealth one has for many it is never enough and so comes, once again, George Soros . I do find it interesting that the Websters Dictionary defines one aspect of power as: money gives power.. This describes George Soros well. He has made it his mission in life to attain power, as much, power as he can accumulate. He is already wealthy beyond most others dreams. So why does he continue to wield that money for Political influence? It is my belief it is all about Power. His power to move events to shape the World as he see fits. We already know that his particular World View is not shared by most Americans, but Richard Trumka, Van Jones, Andy Sterns and a whole host of others do and they want the Power.

Soros' Open Society set aside a cool $5 Million for what they call "Judicial Selection". One of Soros’ priorities is to replace elections for judges with “selection-by-committee.” also known as "Merit" Selections. The Left uses courts to usurp the will of the people. You don't want Gay Marriage too bad they will just sue for it. Bake Sales, no way, sue you over that too. So if the Left i.e. Soros can stack enough Federal Positions with his "Merit" selected Judges then court outcomes will no longer be so risky because of that darned Constitution.

Additionally to Soros funding a take over of the Judiciary process he also has funded the campaigns of 11 Secretaries of State. His "SOSP" Secretary of State Project declared mission is to place "reform" minded Democrats in charge of state election offices, where key decisions often are made in close races on which ballots are counted and which are not.
In other words to control Elections and their outcomes. According to SOSP's website their goal is to elect non-partisan "Clean" representatives, but by there very own statement I don't think "reform" minded equals non-partisan.

The 2012 election cycle will be the most hotly contested, mean spirited and contentious cycle we will likely to see in our life times. The potential for election theft, chicanery and just plan old Chicago styled graft is going to be rampant.
With the Soros' of the World pushing Millions into buying Judicial positions and Secretaries of State our process becomes tainted and resembles something from a Third World Country.

Will our Election process survive? Will our Republic? Maybe.

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