Republican Presidential Debate

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Boring, really boring.

Mitt won by virtue of being the front-runner and everyone letting him slide. Everybody else seems to be running for VP except Bachmann. He's got the organization and the money. If the rest are afraid to go up against him, how are they going to stop him?

The other winner was Michelle Bachmann. She was way better than the low expectations that were set for her. Palin has a fight for the Tea Party on her hands. Bachmann will over-shadow her soon.

Pawlenty wimped out on ObamneyCare. Was he afraid to challenge Mitt? The Rs are looking for someone to take the fight to Obama. Pawlenty probably sealed his fate and won't be around long. He looked a lot better before he got in the race.

Newt's campaign is over. He has decided to try to recapture being the "ideas" guy for the Party but he's not going to do the work to be a serious candidate. Apparently, he'll show up for the debates but he's not really running for President.

Santorum had nothing when he came to the debate and left with the same. Bachmann will crush him in Iowa and he'll get out. Who's going to fund him? Good riddance.

The biggest loser was Herman Cain. His performance was by far the most disappointing (not counting John King, the worse moderator ever). His floundering on the Muslim question just highlighted his bigotry and shallowness. Sharia law. Give us a break.

The bottom line was that it was boring with zero excitement and very unimpressive.It was a good night for Mitt and Bachmann, an awful night for Pawlenty and Cain. The rest could have stayed home.

Where's Rick Perry?

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Wasn't Ron Paul also there? (And he crushed Romney)

You 'accidentally' forgot Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will end all the wars. Both Republicans and Democrats support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
9/11 and Israel, here:

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Ron Paul

Ron didn't crush Romney, nobody did. I like Ron Paul but he has his small constituency and it's not going to be significant.

Have you ever read that book? It's weird.

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Reader & Ending Wars

Hasn't Huntsman advocated immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan? And yes, Paul will mop some libertarian fevered brows but just utters too many goofy things on occasion to attract a serious following.

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If your main focus is immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and everywhere else, there are plenty of "progressive" Dems who have been calling for that even before Obama got elected. No need to hunt for Repubs if that's all you want.

Paul has kind of a nasty bit of anti-semitism in his past that has always concerned me even if I have agreed with him on every other issue about 90% of the time over the years when he was a Libertarian and now a Repub.

Paul has an image problem like a Bob Barr or Santorum...they come across as angry and scowling about everything 24/7 and that's not going to attract the mainstream voter too well.

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Yes Nuk, but he hasn't

I thought Obama was going to get us out of Afghanistan but he hasn't. Nobody can explain what the end game is. It's a forever war.

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Agreed JeffC on Repub debate

Since it's still early in the contest, there was more beating on how any of them would be better than Obama. In a few months after the field has thinned-out and people like Cain and Santorum are long-gone and totally forgotten, then the attacks on each other and the fireworks will start :)

Agreed that Romney and Bachmann gained last night and also that this rather generic debate also dismissed any chance that Cain and maybe Pawlenty had as well. As long as Bachmann stays focused like last night and sticks with her strengths(govt spending, Fed, non-intervention), she comes across well and knows those topics. It's when she gets into the social issues that some of the real kooky stuff comes out, but she's my pick as the most likely of the group to quickly emerge as the alternative to Romney.

Pawlenty blew his chance Since he had made a big deal out saying "Obamaneycare" the last couple of weeks, he should have been ready for questions. Instead, he looked almost like he was afraid Romney might walk up and slap him upside the head if he criticized him to his face. I thought that was really the worst moment of the night for any of them.

Bachmann being in the race(good timing announcing yesterday before the debate of dampens Ron Paul too because on fiscal issues and Paul's pet issue of the Fed Reserve, she's every bit as libertarian as Paul is. They widely divert outside of that, but Paul just isn't a real contender. The more he gets on TV, the better for the others too.

Bachmann is the perfect TP candidate: extremely tight on spending and very much a hard-right social conservative which does seem to matter a LOT to the TP, despite their platform that says otherwise.

If Huntsman decides to run as it's been assumed, he may regret missing this debate. Most of the media has been late on picking up the real obvious fact that Romney is extremely well-funded and organized and the front-runner already. The longer Huntsman waits, the less time he's going to have to attract the $$$ and also to try and differentiate himself from Romney who is a helluva lot better known.

King did suck as a moderator and the format of 30 sec answers that was/wasn't followed with any consistency didn't help. When the first or second question on military and foreign affairs was about gays serving, I knew that there wasn't going to be much relevant discussion to a very big topic of importance.

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This type of forum is not a DEBATE

Everyone talks about every subject there is! They do not answer the preceding point nor is anything learned at the end about one important item!

It is a beauty contest!

I would like to have the opinion of some as to whether or not a candidate opposing President Obama could espouse the following "principles" and win the election in the USA considering the voting public at this time:

1. Will attempt to eliminate Social Security.
2. Will, without doubt, reverse the current health plan.
3. Will make it illegal for women to decide on giving birth at any time.
4. Will easily resolve the Immigrant problem.
5. Will eliminate welfare and put them to work.
6. Will reduce corporate taxes, especially oil corporations.
7. Will drill baby drill.
8. Will void all rules and regulations on all corporations, especially
banks, Wall Street, EPA, OSHA, Water Quality, warming, and loans.
9. Will institute the old rule: "Let the buyer beware."
10. Don't mess with wealthy people, they are the genuine health of our economy. They buy our debt for income. Balance the budget with the middle class taxes. Never pay off the debt---it is favoring rich people.

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Not much of a debate, more

Not much of a debate, more like the “GOP Buzz Word Bingo Show.” The only person they wanted to debate was Obama but he wasn’t invited.

The clear winner was Jon Huntsman by a country mile. 8 - )

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And probably close to 50%

would say right now they would vote for ANY of'em over the current POTUS. :)

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