Going off the Grid aka Going Galt

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What does "Going Galt" mean?

Well Galt refers to John Galt in the book Atlas Shrugs. In Atlas Shrugs Galt/Hero subject was a Revolutionary/Teaparty type that is fed up with the way the World's Governments have turned
towards Socialism. He then starts a campaign to get all of the productive members of society to quit their jobs and do minimum wage type labor thus depriving the Government
a major source of revenue and the Government fails.

The moral of the story is one of ideology, idealism and individualism.

Governments spend money. It's what they do. It's when they spend that money for things like Wine trains, Pig poop studies and such and then want to
tax the productive class for their folly's that make people "Shrug" off the belief that the Government still functions for all it's people.

Today in America it's now in style to promote Wealth Envy and cry out for the rich to pay their fair share.

A little factoid for you:
The Top 1% of income earners pay 40% of all income tax. Top 25% income earners pay 86% of taxes. Bottom 50% wage earners, pay 3% of the taxes. *

So the "Rich" already pay more than their "fair" share. So what happens if you are a productive member of society who provides jobs and operating capital for others
and this Government and the Progressive class of entitlement recipitants start clamoring for more of their money?

Well many are "Going Galt" leaving, calling it quits, vamoosing well you get the picture. They are simply taking what they earned and going home or leaving the Country.

Now many of our Progressive friends are saying "Good Riddance",. we can do better without you. Really, well someday soon we might just start to find out
if that is really true or not.
Either way many are doing it a lot more are considering it. When an out of control Government spends more then it takes in and spends that hard earned money on fluff
and folly then the Government gives many very little choice.

Sources: www.irs.gov/taxstats/indtaxstats/...

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