America land of the screwed Home of the broke.

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Business Insider has an very disturbing and eye opening, for those of you that still feel that we don't have a problem, report that graphically reveals
just how screwed our Economy really is.

Here's Why The US Is Screwed-Click on link for story

Many of us on the hard right have been trying to tell you that we are headed for a debt Armageddon and neither party is willing to do the hard things it is going
to take to stop this nightmare train. In fact many Americans don't want to either. The few liberals among us that actually see a real problem are still the
first to stand in line for THEIR entitlement program. Oh and the rhetoric now is "Catfood Conservatism" instead of actually trying to do something about it they just pull
out their one bullet like Barney Fife "Scare Granny".

Many even in this administration have been trying to warn us.

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Wednesday that America is facing something approaching a debt Armageddon" April 27, 2011

Even the very ones that are most responsible for the debt are on the band wagon.

President Barack Obama, on a cross- country trip to sell his deficit reduction plan, said yesterday that the nation’s finances are “unsustainable.” April 21, 2011

All this to prepare you for the financial meltdown that THEY know is coming.

They want to try to get you to forget that THEY are the ones that created that debt, so you don't blame them. But I blame them and so do a lot of Americans who
now see their future as nothing short of chaotic and dismal.

June 30th is a portentous date. That day signals the end of QE2 or ,as I like to call it, "The day we decided to play with Monopoly money".
The money that the Fed "printed" you see runs out on that day. So either we will "print" more money or a QE3 or we will have to start borrowing massive amounts of REAL
money to keep our economy stumbling along.

Oh what happens if we "print more or inflate our money supply-Inflation

What happens if we don't- Stagnation or Stagflation you name your poison. Either one is going to hurt.

In other words we are screwed.

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