Terror tactics on Texas Highway. Experts say this one could have killed many.

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Improvised Explosive Device aka IED

An IED is a device made up of explosives or explosive compounds used to destroy vehicles and kill. Its use is mainly as
a Terror weapon in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Just a month ago I detailed how Hezbollah was working on our Southern border with
the drug cartels teaching them tactics and materials i.e. a handbook outlining tactics used by Hezbollah
and Al-Qaeda was found on the Texas side of the border. I also have been laying out the sheer fallacy of allowing
a seemingly open border and the hamstringing of the Border Patrol. Many on the left snickered about the paranoid conspiracy theory
that Terrorist have been and are infiltrating our Southern border.

The left appears to have adopted the Ostrich position and refuse to even acknowledge that there are even any Islamic extremist.

Obama’s state of Islamic denial

Remember the Whitehouse refusal of using the "T" word? No it was the "Overseas Contingency Operations" instead of the War on Terror.
Also the "Manmade Disaster" instead of Terrorist acts.

This lunacy breeds complacency. I mean we can't even call it a war. It's a "Kinetic Military Action".

Now these tactics used in Afghanistan are coming to America. An IED was found on a Bridge in Texas on Hwy 77 just North of the border with Mexico.
Who placed it or why is unknown at this time. Experts did however say it was expertly built and was functional and had it been triggered maybe during a
traffic backup dozens could have been killed.

Is this a sign of the coming times? Will there be more? Well, most likely, the answer is yes. You see the best weapon a Terrorist has, is
well, terror itself. A few carefully placed bombs maybe a Suicide bomber in a mall and our already staggering economy will surely grind to a halt.

The Military will have to be brought home, the people will demand it and isn't that one of the stated purposes of the terrorist groups is to get us out of
the Middle East? What better way for that to happen to to foment a little terror in the good ole US of A.

The Liberals will keep swearing there are no Islamic extremist just homegrown American ones. So retaliation by this group of bureaucrats is almost guaranteed not
to happen. As soon as one goes off you can count on the Chuckie Schumers of our Government to scream for the abolishment of the 2nd amendment.

Improvised Explosive Device Discovered On An Overpass In Brownsville

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