PTC should take the lead on banning smoking in any enclosed space...

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Just a few years ago, PTC took a lead role in prohibiting indoor smoking. It adopted a law that ultimately proved to be a guide for state smoking legislation.

That was good for the times, but now it's time reassume that leadership role and move to eliminate all smoking in PTC public buildings, including bars. There is no reason - none - for forcing employees of places like Y-Knot, Red Room, etc., to endure a known health hazard and carcinogen just to have a job. I have talked to several such employees, and they are handcuffed as to what they can say publicly, as their jobs are at stake. Rest assured, however, that most would welcome such a restriction.

For patrons of these establishments, they have a choice as to whether or not to pollute their bodies. The employees have no choice, and a job is a job.

I can anticipate the reaction from the bar owners and patrons. "You have no right to take away my right to smoke..." well, duh, yes the government has every right to protect the health of its citizens.

"You'll destroy my business if my customers can't smoke..." well, duh, no it won't. Have bars in New York closed their doors? No, and you can't smoke in them either. What about California? Nope, you can find bars everywhere there too. What about France, which had one of the highest percentage of smoking adults in the world, and now bans ALL indoor smoking? Nope, no problems there either, with restaurants and bars as full as ever.

Come on PTC'ers, you want to protect your community from all harm (thank God you stopped that evil Kohl's from coming into your community) so let's jump on the stop all indoor smoking issue and get this thing done.

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