TORNADO sirens

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When did "tornado" sirens become "severe thunderstorm" sirens? Everywhere else I've lived in my life, the sirens were not turned on unless there was a tornado warning and it was time to take cover. When you heard the siren, you knew it was the real deal. In PTC though, the sirens are being turned on for severe thunderstorm warnings. I didn't really appreciate the 3AM wake up call this morning, only to find no tornado warning. I feel like this is the town that cried wolf- when there really is a tornado, will anyone pay attention? Or will they shrug it off because the siren is used 20 times a year for severe storm warnings?

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Same thing here in Fayetteville, when it really counts, no one will pay attention.

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balobo from moe (nice ring to it)

I slept thru the 3am last night, but the significant other heard it up, went to the bathroom and went back to bed.

The shrug of the shoulders and chuckle I received when I asked why they didn't wake me up for the tornado siren was my answer this morning when they asked me if I had heard them. Gee, thanks for the concern.

Last summer, I faintly heard the sirens when there was no tornado watch anywhere around and I called about it and it was explained to me that they are turned on for any severe weather event so that children and/or adults who are outside at ballfields/school events/golf courses will have a chance to get cover.

Must have been an all-nighter at Planterra and a Red Bull tournament at the BSC last night, eh?

I hope it wasn't those Tea Partiers playing croquet on the lawn at the church into the wee hours after the meeting that prompted the wake up call.

I agree, I think a clarification from the County or the 911 center is in order. Put it in The Citizen for all to see.

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Peachtree City has NO control of the sirens as they are activated by the Fayette County Dispatch center and maintained by Fayette County.

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