National Teach In Day: Hosted by Radicals and would be Terrorist. This is what passes for Education now.

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Did you really believe they had given up on their Global Warming schemes? Not bloody well likely. The event that was held on Monday
included such notables as Francis Fox Piven who is fomenting Revolution and Economic Terrorist and SEIU leader Steve Lerner and
funded by none other than George Soros.

Radicals, Unions, Communist and Socialist all coming together in University's and High Schools teaching the teachers how to
get their students to be good little revolutionary activist for the Global good.

Solidarity with the Unions

Oh that Global Good? Shut down Wall Street, break the Banks and yes EATING THE RICH.

Having fun with your kids let them eat brains

Our Children are being used and programed in the very Colleges and University's we are paying hard earned cash to pay for. These places
of "Higher Education" are becoming hotbeds of radical activism.

Feels like the 60's all over again. This time instead of the Professors and Students against the Government they are with the Government against
the rest of us.

Kids teach Uncle Sam because were STUPID

Karl Marx on Education

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