Wake-up Call for Peachtree City and Fayetteville Parents

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You need to pull your heads out of the sand and monitor your children and teenagers. How many of you know about the “rave” happening in Fayetteville tonight? Will your child be there, or will they be “spending the night with a friend” and then sneaking over to the Rave? How many of you know the password to your kid’s Facebook and monitor their online activity? Probably not very many of you. Why? Because you trust your teenager. Well, don’t trust them completely, for their own safety. We found the details about the Rave from our teen’s Facebook wall. He did not get an invite, but his best friend did and he was bragging about going tonight.

Do you parents monitor their “chat” activity? Did you know that you can do this legally and with “monitoring” software? We monitor EVERYTHING on our home computer. We know about the girl who overdosed last night and who is now in Piedmont Fayette hospital recovering. We know the teenagers who “cut” at Booth, McIntosh, Starr’s Mill and Rising Starr. These aren’t “bad” kids either, they are honor students. We know about the underage girl who is dropped off in Peachtree City on the weekends and left to roam the streets, “hooking up” and “chilling” with friends, without any parent supervision. We know that one family is trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction but the teenager continues to brag on Facebook that he is “soooo high.” We know that the area around Taco Bell on Crosstown is the place to smoke “weed” as well as the QT parking lot. You think your teen is innocent and would never do those things? Think again. You think that your teen is just taking your golf cart out to enjoy the beauty of nature? Think again. So many of them are meeting each other in the woods, and at unsupervised houses, for drugs, sex and alcohol. We have started to turn some of these teenagers into the police and have alerted Child Services as well. We live here too and we’re tired of the parents who are not responsible here in Fayette County. And to those parents who are responsible, and who want to be proactive with their children and teenagers and prevent the bad behavior and influences, we recommend that you start monitoring their online activity and cell phones. Be a parent to your kids, and stop being their “friend.”

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Wake-up call for PTC and F'vlle parents!

Take responsibility for your children and teenagers.

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Assuming the rest is not an April Fools Day

joke, I agree, the Taco Bell area does fit that description. But, now that you've posted this, I would just about guess it won't be any longer.

I suggest you share all that you know with the PD. Unfortunately, you are right, as usual, unless the parents get on board it will continue. Wasn't that the case when we all were growing up?

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no, this is not an April Fools joke

Just a plea for the parents in our community to monitor their children and teenagers more closely and a recommendation to monitor everything online and on their cell phones. The technology to do this is out there. Parents just need to do it.

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Lets not go overboard

(We have started to turn some of these teenagers into the police and have alerted Child Services as well.)

I am just not sure how to take this. So you are the guardian of the children. Hope you dont make a mistake and falsly accuse someone. And secret spying on your kids. How about telling them out right you are installing spy ware on their phone and computer. Now the big question. Do you sit at home drinking alcohol while you spy on the kids. If no, I congradulate you. If yes then you are no better than anyone else.
To many parents drug their brains and then try to tell their kids not to. That is a bigger problem. And no matter how you try you cant get rid of parties, drugs and stupid behavior. Its always been here and always will be. I think maybe you should spend your time helping and volunteering rather than ratting and alerting child services.

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I didn't even know what a "rave" was. Per the urban dictionary:

rave: An underground party in which electronic music is played, dancing occurs in a very free-form fashion. The dress of the partygoers is quite unrestrained. It is rumoured that there is ALWAYS drug use involved, but this is not ALWAYS correct. There are straight-edge ravers who don't take part in drug use. Like my kids.

I went to a rave yesterday. It was mad phat, illin' like a villian.

Where is the rave going down, anyone know?

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Where wouldn't it be going down?

There are tons of abandoned buildings in Fayetteville. I heard a student talking about it today. She never mentioned where it was going to be. Does anyone remember the tales about the swingers that used to meet up behind the Fayetteville Walmart?

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in utter honesty

you yourself are WAY too paranoid about your child. This paranoia can lead to a very sheltered life for him or her. In my opinion, you never learn until you try. Spying on your kids is not the way to go about it. Instead, talk to them. It seems this world has become too technologically dependent for the "rights and wrongs" of society.

As for the rave that is happening. It is at some church, and will only go on for a few hours. So, it's less of a party, and more of a get together. Think about it, most kids experimenting with drugs these days know that the hard drugs often rumored to be found at raves know that the effects of said drugs last well over a few hours. So if you're truly worried about your kids "getting in with a bad crowd", just check their eyes when they get back. But if you are one of the few parents who are not worried and you actually trust your kid to know right from wrong, as well as personal limits, then you are a better person for doing so.

Kids will be kids. If you aren't one now, you were at one point. And though some of you don't remember the times you were, remember that there is no worse person in a teenagers years as an adult. They will learn from mistakes and gain knowledge. Let them be.

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