Time to Reconsider

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After a recent arrest, a good friend of mine was treated maliciously by our so-called protectors, the Fayette County Sheriffs Department. Details can be read in the arrest reports from March 14-21. Such mistreatment by our local "saviors" has caused me to think about our county police state. Are they really going after criminals or are they just being douchey 5-0? The TNT has set up, to my knowledge, 4 drug raids in the past 6 months with only one of them being actually worthwhile. Drug raids are supposed to catch people who are dealing drugs in bulk to stop the flow into the city. Marijuana raids usually yield at least a quarter pound of product (thus enacting a trafficking charge). Each raid costs $15,000 of taxpayer money, and within those 4 raids, only one of them yielded enough to actually slow the flow. All other raids resulted in misdemeanor charges. Should our tax dollars really go toward not only the mistreatment, but failed raids as well? Your thoughts?

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