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Chris P. Bacon
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Postal pensions

Didja see the comments section in that article?

A postal worker with 27 years experience, earning $54,000 per year and contributing the maximum of his own money to take advantage of matching funds, can expect to earn a pension of $15,400 per year upon retirement.

Dear GOD, that's $1283.33 per MONTH!

Now then, SPQRSTUV, why don't you tell us what YOU think constitutes a "fair" amount for a postal worker's pension?

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Postal pensions....commenter is a bonehead

He or she must have totally missed the very first part of the proposed legislation:

"While the legislation would end the defined benefit plan for future government workers beginning in 2013, it would not affect current employees and retirees"

Commenter need not worry.....still set for life with a ridiculously high defined benefit pension + the other fed govt goodies, even if by some miracle this legislation passed.

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Bacon that looks good to me

1283 per month plus social security thats all they need. They are lucky they are getting that. Due to the fact that the USA and the postal service are both bankrupt and to pay this 27 year worker they will have to steal the money from the tax payers. Non government workers have to foot the bill all the time.

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