All good things come to an end. Is it America’s turn now?

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America, I for one think it’s the greatest Country on the face of the Earth. I know there are those in America that disagree, but in the short 240 years we have been a Country we have done more for the world than any other.
We feed the World. Clothe the World. Protect the World and yes we are the most charitable in the World. We also provide a shining example of Freedom that many in the World want to emulate.

That being said, there are those that want America to take a backseat to the rest of the World. To be sort of, a back seat driver to a Global Government. They want to take our wealth both individually and as a Nation and distribute it to the rest of the world. They see us as a parasite taking from others so they have less.
Of course they always forget that yes we buy resources from other Countries providing a much needed cash flow to impoverished Nations, but we also take those resources to make products that they themselves need. All this of course is overlooked.

A perfect example of this shortsightedness happened in Venezuela. The Socialist government there decided that the private ownership of property was wrong. That concentrating wealth was to the detriment of the “people”. So the Farms were given to those “people” who either killed or drove off the owners. The inevitable results where that the farms went untended and the “people” starved. The Why is simple. When you give the “Wealth” to the “people” who did nothing to create that wealth then wealth will always be lost. The wealth here was Food.

Without the Farmers the people starved.
They literally sat on the property after killing all of the workers and owners, destroying all of the machinery and starved waiting for the Government to send them food. A perfectly viscous circle.

This same mentality has made it to prominence in America. We now have people that openly espouse this doctrine on America’s campuses and around the Country and World. There are those that front the movement and then there are those that stay in the shadows.

We are hearing the rally calls of this movement almost daily. “Give them the wealth, Give them the power”. “Tax, Tax, Tax the Rich” and many, many more. Along with them come the banners of the raised clinched fist, the marches. Wealth envy, wealth re-distribution, corporate greed, class warfare is the mantra they rally to.

I know, I know it’s all just the Boogeyman right? I mean when anyone says that there are those that want to take America down you say “Conspiracy Nut”, “Right Wing-Nut” and that’s the kinder Euphemism’s used. But what if the Boogeyman was real? What if there are those in America that had the power, the wealth and the Political clout that want a new and in their view improved America?

What would you do?

Would you stand and say no this is not America or would you just go with everyone else and kill the farmers?

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