A Random Act of Kindness

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Davids mom
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Sharing an essay ,


The Wedge
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Here is a random act of kindness for you, DM

Have a great weekend. Stay dry and safe as it will most likely rain for much of the weekend. Although I do not agree with much of your politics, I generally like the way that you blog. take care

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Hey Davids mom - Kindness

Ah, doing a little California Dreamin', eh?

I changed a flat tire for a couple of ladies at Exit 18 on I85 a couple of weeks back.

Now, who's turn is it to help roundabout with his "meds".

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No award for random act....

......of kindness for me--none at all.

Just follow my instructions as I write them here and you will win the award!

Be kind to dumb animals and people also.

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