Supreme Court rules 8-0 AGAINST business?

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Chris P. Bacon
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We've got the most pro-business United States Supreme Court in over a century currently empaneled....but they ruled AGAINST big business 8-0 today! *gasp* (Justice Kagan recused, she previously wrote the government's brief for the Court of Appeals, unlike Clarence Thomas she understands the concept of recusal).

The United States District Court and the Court of Appeals ruled that the AT&T corporation was a "person" and as such, was not obligated to provide Freedom of Information Act information regarding government lawsuits because there is an exception for information that is professionally embarassing to a "person" under the law. AT&T felt releasing ANY information had the potential to be "embarassing" to their "person".

Justice Scalia destroyed that argument in less than 10 minutes, and the Supremes ruled immediately (!!!) that this was a gross misapplication of the law.

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