Chris P. Bacon: Agree with me or else. Insults and other rubbish

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I just thought I would return the favor for "ole" bacon and if any are interested they can reply with their own classy examples of bacon fare.

Was during a discussion that ended with Cal intervening and removing most of the post was where he called my daughter a "Crack-Whore".
Among his many favorites is Moron, Teahadist, and a whole host of other classy examples.

The Wedge
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Here are some more

like the homoerotic "tea bagger" we know what goes through that man's mind when he wrote it!
our just the garden variety "gyno" for gym.
and let's not forget the so intelligent, "South Park" copying "Derp". Heaven forbid an orignal thought!

Chris P. Bacon
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The quote in question

gOOFUs has gotten a lot of mileage over the past few months out of making false claims that I was somehow "attacking his family".

Here's the quote he claims that I accuse his daughter of being a "crack whore"

Chris P. Bacon wrote:


Let me see if I have your positions this straight:

*I* pointed out *your* putting words in someone else's mouth earlier this week, so that proved that *I* was a "liar".

*I* challenged you to identify the legal basis for your claim that the ACA was unconstitutional, and *you* could not do so, so that "proves" that *I* somehow "lost" the argument.

I suspect you are really looking forward to the day when *your* daughter gets arrested for selling drugs outside the Goldrush Showbar....because that will "prove" to everyone what a poor parent *I* am.

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