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I have been a resident of Fayette County since 1969 and I am very disappointed at what our once fine city and county has been reduced to. I thought that there was a sign ordinance for our county, yet it seems that it isn’t being enforced. I say this because every day when I drive through Fayetteville, there are “human signs”. There’s a chicken, a Statue of Liberty, and a guy holding a sign for some furniture store that is right on the Fayette/Clayton county line (last Thursday on my way home starting at Fayette Pavilion to the Blockbuster at the south end of town a total of 8 giving us the appearance of Tara Blvd.)
How can this be? I recall not that long ago when the city was raising a ruckus about the American flag at Crumpton’s! Also, there seems to be a law against people making temporary monuments when someone is killed in an automobile accident along the roadways, yet now we have these human signs that are not only tacky, but I believe to be a distraction that might lead to an accident.
I also believe that they are prohibited if I am correctly interpreting Section 2-5. Prohibited Signs and Devices (FAYETTE COUNTY SIGN ORDINANCE) that states:
A. The following signs shall be prohibited under this ordinance. Such signs include, but are not limited to:
1. Animated or flashing signs;
2. Rotating signs, or any sign which requires either natural or artificial wind current for motion or gives the appearance of movement;

I am not against anyone that is trying to make an honest living, I am just stating that these human signs are an eyesore, a distraction to drivers, (and we already have enough of that with all the cell phones, texting, etc), and they need to be prohibited. Maybe then, we can restore Fayetteville back to the classy town that it once was.

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