Fayette BOE Gets Graded

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Their present Grade.


Not only has Fayette hired a Boutique Superintendent..and paid way more then they ever should have.. but now the county whose once golden reputation has so tarnished as to be called pyrite has him embroiled in controversy. First over the questionable hiring of a fellow Maine local teacher (covered in local papers) and now over the sham of a plan for making up the ice/snow days.

Never-mind the county did not publish the details of the reports which justified closing schools on Friday. They posted a general policy statement in their memo and have yet to answer why EXACTLY school was closed.

So the Boutique boy wonder proposes making up 3 days. In the middle of winter break. They set aside concern for the academic value of those days and say 'march boldly forward'. Then they proceed to announce these days are optional. Wishy washy political gestures shouldn't find themselves down to the County level...and the Super should know better.

In an effort to look tough on education, they FCBOE has effectively proven they are NOT capable of putting Academics before Finances and Politics. While other counties have chosen to add school days to the end of the year (something FCBOE Board members called 'busy work time') extend school days.. and (gasp) NOT make up the days and ask for waiver for the 5th... Fayette has compromised their academic ethics and proved once again.. that without proper supervision... our leaders will act as selfishly as the children the purport to be educating.

Fayette is only a few weeks into the new year and their 9 week progress report will show an F, followed by a note that says please schedule a parent conference. This is why I encourage all parents and educators to attend the next Board Meeting. It is February 15th 7:00 p.m. at the central office located at 210 Stonewall Avenue, Fayetteville.

To get on the agenda, I encourage you to call the county office at 770-460-3535, zero out, and be transferred to the secretary to the Superintendent. Ask to be put on the agenda. You'll get 3 minutes to speak your peace. Community involvement at it's most basic.

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Hit job or not... you can't excuse something simply because everyone does (or did) it. Else why issue speeding tickets at all?

For drawing and quartering... it is wholly deserved. The super's first test and he fails on every front.

The state allows for 4 days. The 5th can be obtained via waiver. This was discounted and scarcely discussed outside the financial ramifications for the county. Why? No answer.

The winter break is not "winter break". It was a scheduled absence from school. Not a fiction requiring air quotes.

The fiction is that these days (restored at the LEAST sensible time)... in the middle, provide questionable (if not negligible instructional value). One middle school fast tracked a field trip for one of these days.

Classes will be combined. Every sub in the county will be employed. Media center and guidance staff will be press forced under 'emergency rules' to allow them to babysit classrooms of mis-matched students. Teachers will take those student who do attend and perform busy work. As all graded material will be permitted to be made up, this ensures that not only are we not making up days.. but that students returning from pre-scheduled break will now be behind and have make up work to do. And those teachers which do present new material will have to re-present it for the absent students reducing the teaching effectiveness for students who did attend during the break.

This carves up the student achievement and makes the days worthless. So I'm far from being too critical. If the BOE is not putting academics before politics.. they are failing our children and our community. And when the board fails.. the buck stops at the Super. This means you Dr. Bearden.

Coweta is only saving a single day of state funding. Hardly a hack job solution. The other 4 says they are compensated for. Their attempt at putting this behind them has far less impact then the farce in Fayette.

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