The Methergine Question

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Chris P. Bacon
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A woman can experience severe bleeding for a number of reasons: surgical procedures, miscarriage, childbirth, an improperly adjusted IUD, and abortion.

Fortunately, there is a prescription drug available called Methergine that has been especially formulated to stop uterine bleeding.

A woman in Idaho experienced such severe bleeding. Her concerned physician phoned in a prescription for Methergine to the local pharmacy.

The pharmacist demanded to know if this prescription was being prescribed as the result of an abortion.

The woman told the pharmacist that it was none of their business, that she wasn't discussing her medical conditions with a pharmacist.

The pharmacist then refused to fill the prescription.

Now, these so-called "conscience laws" protect pharmacists from having to fill abortifacient prescriptions (drugs that induce abortions i.e the "morning after" pill) but should a pharmacist have the right to impair a person's health in an after-the-fact situation like this?

I believe the pharmacist should have their license revoked for potentially endangering the life of a patient.


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You won't win this in court. Pharmacists have the right to reuse to fill a prescription. The person needs to go to another pharmacy.