Celebrate National School Choice Week

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National School Choice Week

This is an extraordinary opportunity on a national scale to raise awareness of our failing public education system and build support for School Choice.

Annoy a liberal today - participate in this uplifting event that will help provide a real future for our children and grandchildren.

Since its creation in 1979, [the Department of Education] has done nothing but drain money from our coffers, empower teachers unions and done absolutely nothing to improve the education of our children. Since 1979, we have not seen any improvement in test scores of American students .. in fact, they are getting worse. At the same time, the department's budget has increased from $14.5 billion in 1979 to over $50 billion today. A Cato Institute handbook from 2004 quotes the admission of a House Democrat: "The idea of an Education Department is really a bad one. But it's NEA's top priority. There are school teachers in every congressional district and most of us simply don't need the aggravation of taking them on.'' It has nothing to do with the education of your child and everything to do with unions.

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