Palin-Free February!

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Chris P. Bacon
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Washington Post columnist Dana Milbanks has a great idea....what if America took a pledge to ignore Sarah Palin for one entire month?

I'm declaring February a Palin-free month. Join me!

I think it's a great idea, and an important first step towards restoring civility in America.

I wonder how many Citizen bloggers can go one entire month without mentioning Sarah Palin?

Chris P. Bacon
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Will YOU take the "Palin Pledge"?

I will....will you?

Click HERE for the official Palin Pledge badge

Let's restore civility to America!

note to self: erase sigline on Feb. 1st.

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Bacon pledge would be more useful

I thought we all decided to ignore this hate-spewing piece of garbage by not ever responding to him. Let's start now.

BTW, this is not a response - it is a public service announcement.

Joe Kawfi
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I will take the Bacon pledge

Along with DM, that will be 2 useful idiots that will be ignored.

I vote to add roundabout to the pledge as well.

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Yes let's all take Option # 2
Chris P. Bacon wrote:

I've got nothing to apologize for.

Don't like what I'm saying? That's fine, as I see it folks have three fundamental choices:

1. Respond
2. Don't Respond
3. Whine to the moderator that your feelings are hurt

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mud, ooY,joseph cofe

Now what the heck does roundabout have to do with this and getting voted on?

That is the most horrible thing I can think of happening to any human, or me.

So now DM, bacon, and roundaboout have to go to preserve the purity of Fayette County, especially the judges, sheriff's deputies, and firemen!

Better add in the commissioners--specially Brown, town council and mayor of PTC, and Westmoron (is that correct) to a list to vote on to just leave Fayette County and here! Oh, and those two new boys on state government who want ARC for us---good for you fellows.

I fear these 1800s Georgians are short-timers!

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mudcat, you just made a funny.

You called someone a "piece of garbage" while calling them "hate-spewing." That is funny enough to make a priest curse. Thanks for the daily pick-me up. On a related note, this guy in a Hummer H1 yesterday was griping at a dude in a gas-powered Ford Excursion about the size of his carbon footprint. reminded me of you :-).

Chris P. Bacon
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It's a fundamental tenet

Mudcat is simply espousing one of the prime tenets of Fayette county conservatism: "standards for thee, but not for me". Sorta like when Joe Kwafi criticizes other peoples' parents but gets his man-panties in a bunch when you bring up his daddy.

Oh, and you're not allowed to even mention grubby Herman Cain's cancer-rotted innards. They're VERY sensitive about that.

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I'm with you Mud

No doubt.

Chris P. Bacon
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Spreadin' God's love, Mudcat

"Hate spewing"? Au Contraire (that's French).

I'm just an old-fashioned Christian liberal spreadin' God's love everywhere.

It's certainly not any fault of mine that people who disagree with me tend to have extremely high incidences of colon cancer in themselves and/or their loved ones.