European nations begin seizing private pensions

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Here is a snip from a news article that I saw posted today: "European nations begin seizing private pensions: Hungary, Poland, and three other nations take over citizens' pension money to make up government budget shortfalls."
The general gist of it is that people will volunarily sign over their pension funds or they will lose all access to the state run portion of their retirement. Do you think that is going to happen here? If so why, or if not, why not? I see this as a distinct possibility.

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Unions target your private retirement savings

Mark Hemingway: Unions target your private retirement savings

On Oct. 8, the two senators from the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee held a hearing on "Retirement (In)security in America." Among the proposals discussed was "Guaranteed Retirement Accounts," or GRAs. The purpose of the GRA proposal is simple: To force Americans to stop putting their retirement savings money into private 401(k) accounts and send their money to the government instead.

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Joe Kawfi

We've stopped reading your 'stuff'. Now that we have 'transparency' - we can get the truth via the media and the Congressional Record. Ta ta.

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Exactly how has the media and Congress been transparent?

Was it during the close door meeting on transparency? How was that coverage btw in the media?

Was it during the non-existent healthcare debate?

Or was it like Pelosi said we have to pass it to know what's in it?

Is that transparency?

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