Disenfranchisement of Government Workers

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Disenfranchisement of Government Workers

It seems this idea has struck a negative chord with some of our progressive friends and this can’t be bad outcome. The idea is not new and it is based on the concept of a Republic, a representative government that is elected by a limited number of people. My proposal is simple, if you work for the government (derive your income from the government in anyway) then you would not have the right to vote. The vote would be a right extended to all those that don’t work for the government.

So if you were contracting for the government (Federal, State, County, or City) or you were an employee of a company that did business with the government, like a defense corporation, you could not vote. If you were an elected representative or a member of their staff you could not vote, etc.

We could debate whether members of the Armed Services should vote under this proposal and for sake of this argument they would be an exception and would be allowed to vote.

The argument is that it is a conflict of interest to allow government workers to vote as they will always vote to either increase their take of the government pie or increase their power over us.