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This week a distraught taxpayer in Panama City Fl came to the BOE meeting & shot to kill at the elected members. The shooter told the BOE Chairman that he lied about promises not to raise taxes.
This is a problem we’ve had with the Fayette BOE for the last 10 years. Some members continually tax & spend beyond the ability of citizens to pay. When elected officials ignore citizens’ complaints, calling them trouble makers, eventually chaos erupts. The Fayette BOE big spenders may need more security. They are going to have to rethink their policies about education and show more fiscal concern toward taxpayers to avert similar incidents like Panama City. Taking away the BOE power to tax would be a good starting place. Stop lying to the public would be a good idea also. Stop the crooked land deals and quit using the excuse that, “its all for the children”, when we know differently. Children have parents who have to pay these taxes.

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The BOE is a joke in Fayette.

The BOE is a joke in Fayette. We have gone down hill for the last 10 years.. (an observation shared by previous graduates, present and former teachers, and the public at large)

The appointment of the new sub-standard super is just another example of how our local government is failing us. Shouldn't the head of our school system be from our local community instead of a 'mail order bride' from Maine?

It's a horrible thing what happened in Florida. That was murder..not debate or discourse.

I'm all for keeping officials accountable (and plan on continuing to push for accountability) however it will be through civil discussions and frank assessments of their laughable positions. As I've said in almost every post.. please begin attending these meetings. Feb 15th is the next one! Let them know the public is present.. and unhappy.

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Are you trying to justify this BOE shooting?

I don't care if the BOE in Fayette has been going downhill for 10 years(a lot longer IMHO) and are reckless with tax dollars and might even be in the opinion of some a bunch of lying morons. That doesn't mean that it is anyway "expected" that some mentally defective piece of human trash will show up shooting at them for lying and raising taxes. WTF?

The BOE is an elected position. Anyone who doesn't like either how the BOE is elected or doesn't like the BOE members is certainly entitled to advocate differently.

When the day comes that some local politicians raising taxes = expect a shooting, you can kiss democracy and the republic good bye, and the fault will be entirely because the citizens were too ignorant and hopelessly pathetic to handle freedom.

Reverend Martin Luther King: 'Nothing in all the world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.'

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