Citation of vehicle in driveway

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Bob T.
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What the heck is going on in PTC now? My dad told me the other day that he got a citation because one of his vehicles parked in his driveway did not have a current tag. The only problem is that his decal had been stolen because the vehicle is current with the DMV. He was told that the vehicle is always in the same place, never moved and the city has a problem with old vehicles left in driveways. Dad only uses this vehicle for a couple times a month maybe because he normally uses the other one or the golf cart. sheesh..... The issue I have here is why didnt this "code enforcer" run the tag before issuing a stupid citation? If it comes up as current, just let the owner know the decal got ripped off by some scum bag. Actually, I think the money deprived city could use this resource differently if this "code enforcer" is a city employee.

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