Christmas Paranoia

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This week's headline concerning the arrest of nine teenaged girls predominantly from Booth Middle School should give each resident of Peachtree City pause before castigating not only those arrested, but their families as well. Should this have happened some two hundred fifty years ago, we might be comparing the whole affair to those young women hanged in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. But then, we do reside in the state where jealous farmers sent the Cherokee Nation on the "Trail Of Tears" to unsettled Oklahoma only to ursurp private property. Some historians would compare that act to those wealth envy types of today, but back to the subject at hand.

In this medium we have rants about the lack of parenting, drug violence, a collapse of our quality of life, taking our county back, and the ever present racial innuendo. Thus far in print we only have the fact that nine teens decided to wear the colors pink and black and formed a clique. I'll bet no one raised a stink when McIntosh students wore their school green on game days.

Could it be that we have become a town of priviledged insecure bigots? Because a teen's ethnicty is apart from our's cause angst when passing on the street?

My bet is that this whole affair is far overblown, and that it could/should have been handled within school resources. I may be wrong, but I retain faith in America's youth, for what other choice do we as a country have for our future?

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