Middle School Gang

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That one surprises me greatly. J.C. Boothe has always been a "scholastic" middle school for many years--winning numerous science awards.
Further surprise is that as many as nine girls were arrested, which probably means there were more than nine involved in one way or another.
Also, the word "bludgeon" is used by the police as a method of describing how the girls punished each other, I suppose new members.
Bludgeons can typically be used to bruise deeply in areas that can't be seen normally. They also primarily bruise painfully, but require little medical treatment usually.
It will be interesting how such a large group existed without discovery, sufficient to cause intervention by authorities.

Also, the behavior learned in middle school (12-14) is usually the same conduct carried on into high school. Girls usually though get into trouble sexually, not bludgeoning!

Maybe we better look at 4-5 grades also?

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