B. Hussein Obama

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Fred Garvin
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Obama was elected based on a manufactured persona, a lie, put forward by the DNC and the fawning media. And who is Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama is the 1st president in the history of the USA who is not a cultural American, and it shows. No other president, except Jimmy Carter, has ever run down his country to the world as Obama has. Obama has denigrated the people of America shamelessly, and he has no idea of who we are because he is not one of us.

Obama was raised far outside of mainstream American culture. His upbringing was by socialists who indoctrinated him from day one to be a hardcore marxist ideologue. Obama was taught to loath the middle class and to use radical rules to attack it. Since before he was elected Obama has been tearing down the USA and the middle class which he fooled into voting for him.

Obama was billed to be all things to all people. A pseudo-mythical messiah-like figure that rose mysteriously with no background yet was a towering intellect who could solve all our problems. Obama is a man of slogans, and was "going to hit the ground running", and "ready to lead on day one". He was going to be the post racial president who would unite the USA and lead us into a new era of enlightenment and renewed respect in the world of nations. Only now we know this all to be a farce.

To those of us who took the time to investigate Obama while the fawning media failed to vette him it comes as no surprise that Obama is a failure. Anyone who tried to point out his radicalism, his criminal associates, terrorist friends, his racist church where he sat for 20 years listening to hatred of America and Americans was branded as a racist. It turns out that everything Sean Hannity reported about Obama's past was true.

And now we know that Obama is a shallow self-serving man of little experience who constantly resorts to demagoguery of those who oppose his radical agenda. He makes denigrating generalizations of broad swathes of the population and makes it clear he is only the president of those who voted for him and support him.

We are much worse off as a nation than we were before Obama and have 2 more years of this arrogant fool to endure. The best thing we can do is to vote out every democrat and take away any political power this "president" has. Let's all watch this impostor vacation and golf and travel the world in Air Force One at our expense while we continue without an inspirational leader and scratch our heads in wonder at the absurd Political Correctness that got us such a ludicrous president.

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