Black Friday @ the Fayette Pavilion

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Does anyone have any experiences with shopping at the Fayette Pavilion during the early hours of after Thanksgiving sales on Friday? Im wondering and hoping that there is a noticeable police\security presence especially in the parking lots and exits

Fred Garvin
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Tips for shopping on black friday

1. For those with a concealed to carry permit, use it. For those with out a permit, carry a loaded firearm in your automobile.

2. I usually wait in the car while my family members shop. I have my fully loaded firearm ready to use when necessary. You can't take any chances. Notice how much crime has increased lately in Atlanta- smash and grabs, people being shot and killed on a daily basis. The pathetic cowards that are too lazy to go out and put in an honest days work are preying on the innocent.

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Better tip for shopping on black friday

DONT GO SHOPPING, There isnt any reason to go out and fight the crowd. Kind of silly actually. And if you have to sit and wait for someone to shoot at, well no need to go there.