MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell admits he is a Progressive, a Liberal and a Socialist

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"The Hollywood Reporter: Are you a liberal?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Yes. And I've been a liberal for so long that I still call myself one. I didn't change to "progressive."

THR: But you have referred to yourself as a socialist.

O'Donnell: Yes. A practical European socialist which, as it turns out, we all are, if you know that Social Security ... is a socialist program, and that Medicare is a socialist program and that all economies of the world are mixed with some capitalism and some socialism and they just vary in their degrees."

Well from time to time a little truth seeps out. He also states so is Obama. Well duh on that one.

Chris P. Bacon
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"He also states so is Obama"

I've listened to that clip twice, and couldn't hear the words "so is Obama" anywhere. Would you mind pointing out exactly where in the clip that O'Donnell made that remark?

Presuming you didn't just make stuff up again and falsely attribute it to someone, that is.

Thanks in advance!

PTC Observer
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Bacon - you

You should always judge people by what they do, not by what they say.

Mr. Obama is in fact a progressive (aka, liberal, socialist, fascist) based on his actions, past, present, and I firmly believe in the future.

Nice try in attempting to save your man from his own misdeeds.

Next stop 2012. ;-}

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He also said anybody that voted to keep social security

is a socialist. Need to listen a little better.