Best explanation of the right wing, EVER

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Chris P. Bacon
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Reading a review of Dubya's new "not my fault" autobiography today, I came across this gem of an explanation of what drives today's right wing:

"I can't prove it, but I would bet money that the very people who now decry deficits and spending and say they were horrified by Bush's domestic policies are the same 30% who stuck with him to the end. What they loved about him was his crudeness and cruelty and --- more than anything --- that he inspired such loathing from liberals. It's the in-your-face defiance that they admire, the eagerness to be politically incorrect, the exclusion from the process of those whom they see as not fully "American." It's a defining characteristic of the right. Domination, exclusion, and eliminationism are what animates their thinking, not deficits, taxes or the constitution."



I Watch
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Dear Chris (P. for PORK earmark) Bacon

Don’t confuse the TEA Party with fascism. In America we call the Fascist Party the Democrat Party. P is for Pelosi, O for Obama, R is for Reid, K for Klan. What have you got? The PORK klan!
Watch out Chris. TEA party gone git u.

PTC Observer
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I Watch - don't confuse

Bacon, he doesn't even understand the notion of fascism or its definition.

It's humorous that he has this as a tag line, akin to an oxymoron given his philosophy. Fascism is the outcome of his philosophy (a strong central government that can solve all problems) and the antithesis of the Tea Party philosophy (smaller decentralized government), pretty funny. LOL

I smile every time I see it. He’s a dupe of the socialist elite a non-thinking dupe.

He does parrot well though.

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I like to wind him up

and watch him bounce off the wall.

Great times.

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