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I have read the citizen ever since I arrived in PTC in 1892. I have never seen a Suduko puzzle in the paper.

How can the paper claim legitimacy with no suduko puzzle. I mean really.

I think that if the folks who put out this paper want ot be taken seriously, then there dang well out to be a Suduko.

Yours Truly.

Chris P. Bacon
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A bit of history

If you really did move here in 1892, you'd recall that the Citizen (it was known as "The White Citizen" back then) had a weekly Sudoku puzzle until December 7, 1941. After the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor, original publisher Jed Clampett Beverly (Cal's father) decreed that no Japanese names would sully his newspaper ever again.

This ban has been lifted only recently....just a few years ago, the Sushi Yoshi restaurant was forced to call itself "Fred's House of Fish and Rice" in print advertisements.

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I hadn't thought of that in years. Someone I think told me once that the "White Citizen" newspaper of 1892 was printed in green ink. It weren't but one page folded, sold for .02 cents with no advertising. Had to be white to buy one since blacks couldn't read.

But this feller i think maybe also said that Jed Clampet's great grandfather, Cal's grandfather thrice removed, picked and sold cotton in Tyrone (he didn't pick it personally) he just sold it, quite a while before the US Civil War (it was really uncivil what with hundreds of thousands killed, and an enormous quantity of one-armed and one-legged men wandering around the general store.

They did have a gun and a mule once, granted to them by Abe upon discharge. but sold them usually withing a month or two to buy food. Hard to plow with a mule with one let or arm.

That then was when to so-called "poor houses" started up for such people.
These houses usual had maybe 2-300 crips in them and raised what they et or done wifout!
(You know republicans didn't pervide no wounded pensions in them days!)
No VA hospitals neither.

However, the carpet baggers took over the newspaper for non-tax payment and changed to name to "The Conservative Citizen," but they failed.

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Bacon: Samuel Clemons

Saw where Mark Twain's autobiography was being printed in three volumes from notes he made and dictating he did to a steno. Were not to be released until 100 years after his death. He died in 1910.

I have got a feelin that some of the facts that this crusty old writer couldn't publish in the 1800s, and now will be, will tell us much about such as what the times were really like for all races in the 1800s!

His thoughts on wars, newspapering, religion, race, slavery, marriage, churches, and hypocrites, is likely to be shocking.
Such things as child labor and mistreatment of poor uneducated people by those who knew what was best for all, will most likely get his sword in hand!
He may have known some of the Clampetts!

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Thank you, Bacon and Courthouse.

I for one really appreciate the local history information, it is something that I would not get around to looking up on my own, even if the sources were available to me.

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I wouldn't waste a lot of time looking for the sources.

Sources sometimes are just things in one's head and aren't documented by other liars!

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