Rally to Restore Fatwas?

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"The inclusion of Yusuf Islam in the Rally to Restore Sanity is sure to raise a number of eyebrows, given the controversy surrounding his alleged support of the fundamentalist Islamic fatwa against author Salman Rushdie. As Andy Levy tweeted “Rally To Restore Fatwas?” Yusuf has since asserted that he was simply joking and his comments were taken out of context. In the years that has followed, he has repeatedly denied ever calling for the death of Rushdie or supporting the fatwa."


Hollywood celebrities and the Liberal Elitist just can't seem to help themselves. If it's not Che Guevara, it's Chavez and now I guess it's Yusuf Islam formally know as the artist Cat Stevens is the en-vogue radical du jour .

Democrats and Hollywood elitist all have the same short sighted disease. They would rather rub elbows with the radicals then work with the public.

Obama hung out with radicals, terrorist and Marxist. So I guess this is not really that strange. It is part of the new way Progressivism has evolved. The "One Nation" progressive rally saw Democrats linking arms with Socialist, Communist and Marxist many of which advocate the violent overthrow of America and it's Free Market system.