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Broad Prize win makes diversity a focus in Gwinnett school board race

A recent student discipline report examining the end of the 2009-10 school year found that minorities were the largest groups facing long-term punishment. Of 2,177 students facing discipline panels, 45.3 percent were black; 28.6 percent were Hispanic and 18.2 percent are white. Community activist Marlyn Tillman, however, said the school board still needs more "culturally competent leaders."

Here we have Gwinnett county school leadership, which has been successful in bringing the Broad Prize, being challenged on the basis of "diversity". The message here is that 45.3% of black children in Gwinnett County schools are facing disciplinary measures because one of the school board members is white. Forget the fact that he has been successful, they want to boot him out because he is white. I guess the parents or lack of a father figure in the familes with thugs for children have nothing to do with the disparity.

This is the type of liberal mindset that put Clayton county schools on probation and brought on the cheating scandal in Fulton county.

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