Lawyers make excuses for Judge Camp

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Of course, they’re all in the same legal fraternity. Lawyers are the only licensed professionals that are allowed to discipline themselves. If I can discipline myself, when I break the rules, do you think I’m going to punish myself?

Here are the lawyers’ excuses, according to reporters at the AJC (10-10-10). A seismic change they say in Judge Camp, implying a natural earthly event such as an earthquake uncontrollable by the judge. Ummmm, let’s see, you mean like a uncontrollable desire for drugs and sex, sort of like a sex offender?

Some say a previous head injury, requiring him to get hooked on pain killers after spending a week in intensive care 10 years ago. I wonder why the doctors didn’t recommend I go to a strip club after numerous stays in intensive care for nearly bleeding to death with a busted aorta, a head injury, and severe back injury. Would the costs for all those pain killers I took be less from a drug dealer than a pharmacy?

As a judge, “he’s a juicy target” said John Stucky, Camp’s former law partner. Yeah, that’s it! The whore needed a fall guy to get out of her troubles and asked Camp to come over to the Metro Pkwy strip joint to help her. That’s the Old Stewart Ave that was so dangerous they changed the name, I guess the Judge didn’t know that. But I remember over 40 years ago, a high school classmate’s daddy shot and killed a man over drugs and money on Stewart Ave. Not to mention the old notorious Alamo Plaza Hotel or the drunken fist fights at UncleTom’s Tavern that sold beer to teenagers.

Lawyer Jerry Froelich says Camp’s actions were “unscientific”, “like a Jekyll & Hyde effect”. That’s it! The judge must have accidentally taken something that changed his personality. As former Lawyer & State Bar President J. Littleton Glover Jr., says, “Jack just made a mistake” And Lawyer David Wolfe says, “The Judge was just being chivalrous because he cared for the whore”. Mr. Wolfe, I don’t think that’s the answer. And if a common person pleaded “mistake” to a felony in Camp’s court, you think we would get off? HELL NO! The only mistake Camp made was getting caught!

Katrina Hardy who was trying to use the so called justice system to evict Camp’s whore for damaging her Union City rental unit gives an insight into Camps social façade persona. This rental matter would be filed in Fulton County and is a State and not a Federal Issue. But Federal Judge Jack Camp who has no jurisdiction, personally called Hardy and told her to “BACK OFF”. Hollering at hardy saying “HE WAS A JUDGE AND KNOWS THE LAW” and that if Hardy pressed charges, she “Hardy, would get in trouble.” Now that’s the justice system that we all know. A Judge using his power to intimidate an honest citizen. That’s the real answer, a corrupt judicial system.

And what will happen to Judge Camp? Absolutely nothing. The judge handling his case will protect Camp. Some quiet back room plea bargain will be made that lets him off and the whole illegality will be swept under the rug. As the AJC points out, only 7 federal judges have been removed from office in the 227 year history of the US. Prison is out of the question! See you in Jack Camps’ Court next year for business as usual.

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